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Our Crew:

Justin - Owner/Systems Engineer

Justin's resume includes front of house duties for over one hundred acts, including grammy award winners, and nearly two decades of experience engineering both mobile and installed audio systems.  He engineers all systems with an eye for detail and a drive for perfection.

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Trace - Live/Recording Engineer. Shop Manager.

With a decade of recording and live sound engineering Trace bring a fresh approach to all aspects of digital sound to our team.  With excellent organizational and management skills trace runs our shop and warehouse like a well oiled machine.

Jesse is a lead project manager and brings a diverse set of skills to the table.   Two decades of experience in the pro A/V field has taken Jesse all around the country and provided him the knowledge to execute the best possible workflow every time.

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Logan - Recording/Live Audio Engineer

Over a decade of experience touring, playing and mixing has lead Logan to be one of the most sought out engineers in the area.  Logan has had several records on the Billboard charts and has mixed Grammy award winning artists.

Mike - Video/Lighting Director

Mike puts the "V" in Hershey AV.  Mike brings years of experience in the lighting and video field that are second to none.  His visions and execution are beyond expectation.  He also loves cake and Diet Mountain Dew.

Greg brings decades of experience to the team with a skill set that can only be gained over years of mixing.  His extensive knowledge of both Analog and Digital consoles assures rock solid mixes while still having the ability to use "old school" methodology to ensure the best possible outcome of every event.  His resume includes FOH duties for local and global legends alike.

When not touring the globe doing FOH for Atilla, or mixing headline acts on Warped Tour, Keith calls Hershey Solutions his home.  Keith brings a level of knowledge in cutting edge sound technology to the table that can only be acquired over thousands of hours in front of consoles, software and stages.  He is vital to the success of our live sound department. 


Performance-driven, executive-level leader, and analytical thinker with 15+ years of demonstrated abilities in developing and implementing timely and cost effective plans to turn concepts into reality.  Strong management and team building capabilities in directing various departments and cross-functional teams for success.  Co-Authored and published 3 books & 3 Articles. World record holding weight lifter and current world champion in her class.

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Dylan - Drum Tech/Live Sound

Dylan bring 20 years of drumming and tech experience to our crew.  He entered into live sound engineering in 2017 and has become an asset to the team in both fields.

Morgan - Systems Engineer/Live Sound

Morgan brings a decade plus of designing and implementing live sound systems for the biggest touring acts, the white house and more.  He also holds a wealth of knowledge in live and recorded video.  He has an eye for detail and an ear for excellence.

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